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AGL has taken a primary duty to manufacture machines that are solution-oriented and result-oriented that meet the needs of our farmers.

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AGL Agricultural Mania includes high level of integration, comprehensive spare parts supply and organization.

TWISTER models have a mixing capacity of 4 up to 35 m³. AGL offers a wide range of options for large and small cattle farmers. With its different features and high quality, the machines are unique and efficient and extremely comfortable to use.
The TWISTER series Horizontal Auger Feed Mixers are unique and reliable.These machines are ideal for daily use by farmers. It has been specially designed to make the farmer’s job easier, increase its profitability and to speed up its development. Our feed mixers range from 4 up to 12 m3 and meets all of the requirements of the European and worldwide market.
For many years, AGL manure sreaders have been used successfully in various environmental conditions. With its high quality chassis structure and superior road handling, it provides high confidence in all types of environmental conditions. Especially when it comes to difficult fertilizng work, AGL spreaders are the best performers. Thanks to the modular structure within the distribution system thats located in the rear of the vehicle, it allows easy replacement of different distributing mechanisms.
AGL liquid manure spreaders have a volume of 7,000 lt. – 20,000 lt. AGL Slurry Tanks are thought out to the finest detail and has a high quality workmanship. It has a long life-span due to its quality steel structure and strength. It provides protection against corrosion due to its special paint which is a standard. A galvanized coating is optional.
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With more than 200 employees and about 40 engineers, the latest technology is used to develop agricultural machinery with high quality standards.

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With our wide range of products, we are able to meet all the requirements of feeding and fertilizing technology. Whether you preferences are, we have the right product.
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AGL Agricultural Machinery expert team always supports our farmers with its warranty and post-warranty services. To ensure the best possible customer service, all AGL products are passed through different testing stages at the factory and delivered to the customer by the service.
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